Mission / Vision Statement

China is the most populous nation in the world and is having a greater and more profound impact as it expands its roles in global activities. Consequently, people are showing more interest in learning about China, its people and their cultures. Until a few years ago, there had not been any organization in our community to focus the interests of both the people wanting to learn more about China and those of Chinese heritage who are living here.

The Colorado Springs Chinese Cultural Institute (CSCCI) was founded in 2001 to foster within our community the understanding and appreciation of China and its customs. This Colorado 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting awareness and understanding of Chinese culture and traditions.

Mission : To provide a forum for greater appreciation of Chinese culture through education and social interaction and to offer resources and networking support systems to more fully assimilate Chinese into the local community. As well as providing services and programs to benefit Chinese descendants

What we do : Active participation in events and educational opportunities is the best way to benefit from the Colorado Springs Chinese Cultural Institute. Here are some events and programs.


 Tel: 719.343.6003  CSCCI P.O. Box 2625 Colorado Springs, CO 80901-2625 Email: web.cscci@gmail.com
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